Monday, April 6, 2009


The De Wolfe Library (or Music De Wolfe) was started in 1909 by Meyer De Wolfe to cater for silent movies, but quickly established its high reputation with the advent of TV and radio. In the 70's, De Wolfe demonstrated their uniqueness from their rivals (KPM and Chappell) by employing composers who are considered the true musical innovators of their time (Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker and Nick Ingman to name a few) to experiment with new studio techniques. Amongst others, their music was used on the classic British TV series' The Sweeny and Whodunnit.

Bite Hard makes for essential listening for people who love their 70s soundtracks. The tracks featured on this impressive compilation have been dusted down from the vaults of Dewolfe Music, who in their prime during the 1970s used to supply incidental and backing music for a whole range of British produced television programmes. Tons of cool dark-blaxploitation/crime soundtrack stuff - fuzz guitar funk, funky-as-hell beats, early synth and even a lovely ambient track from 1980. This LP is absolutely essential.

Below, Jack Trombey's simply named "Rock Bed 1" with some SICK drum breaks.

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