Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Harmony Cats were a female vocal quintet formed in Sao Paolo, Brazil in the late 70's.

Originally dubbed "The Bandits of Love," the band was rechristened "The Harmony Cats" by producer/artistic director Helio Costa Manso. His idea was to have the quintet perform disco versions of rock songs, themes from classic films, and Broadway musicals.

The band went on to great success in disco-era Brazil. Once disco fizzled out, however, the band wasn't as fortunate. By 1985, the band was finished.

Not much else is known about them, but they left a dancefloor classic behind with 1977's "Cat's Theme." Kon and Amir included this gem on their Kings of Diggin' compilation.

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yes... Good... Break from Brasil... Beautifull...