Friday, October 19, 2007


1970 saw the release of one of the toughest, greasiest, one-two punches in funk 45 lore, Cyril Neville's debut solo single, "Gossip" b/w "Tell Me What's On Your Mind." The songs included backing music by his brother Art's new outfit, the Meters. The Meters, looking to expand their lineup, eventually asked Cyril to join full-time, playing vocals and congas. He also contributed to such Meters albums as 1972's Cabbage Alley and 1975's Fire on the Bayou.

Released on the Josie label, this 45 remains a staple for any funk collector. It's easy to hear why. The Meters as a backing group leave their fingerprints all over the tune, snapping, cracking, and popping in all the right places.


Rich said...

Are you not on live365 anymore? That was the best internet radio station EVER!


Hey Rich,
If you read the first post of this blog (aptly titled "Welcome!") you'll get the story. Live365 pulled my station because of the ongoing war against internet broadcasters because of royalties/copyrights/etc. So I migrated here! Enjoy!

Rich said...

The blog is great, but not as good as a whole internet radio station. Any chance you can brodcast over Shoutcast or something like that? I can't go on without Dusty Nuggets. I may just not renew my subscription to Live365 now!