Thursday, October 18, 2007


"The Hen" is one of the funkiest Hammond organ 45's ever. Despite the fact that "The Hen" was released on Louisiana’s Paula label, and the artist in question has a name that sounds like it shows up several dozen times in the New Orleans phone book, this gem is a bit of Kansas City soul. Chachere, a respected jazz-funk organist, originally recorded "The Hen" for the local MJC label, and it was then re-released by the Forte label, in Kansas City, MO. Forte was owned by Marva Whitney’s husband Ellis Taylor (her Excello 45 ‘Daddy Don’t Know About Sugar Bear’ was originally issued on Forte). "The Hen" was then licensed to, and released by, Paula records.

Chachere passed away in August 2007, but this classic nugget will live on in funk infamy. RIP, Louis!

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