Thursday, September 20, 2007


It’s almost impossible to get an original copy of Arthur Monday’s ‘What Goes Around’. Only a handful of copies are known to exist, and the lucky few who possess one do not want to sell. It’s a very rare record. This huge difference between supply and demand means the price is high – an original copy of Arthur Monday was recently sold at auction and for $4293 – easily the highest price EVER PAID FOR A FUNK 45.

This 45 was first issued back in 1969, and, as far as the music goes, there are few recordings that have captured the very essence of the deep funk sound as this. Sure it has all the usual ingredients of sweaty drums, rumbling bass, sharp horns and impassioned vocals, but what this record has that so many others lack is a certain spirit, mystery and vitality that few 45s possess. There was attitude in the studio the day that record was cut. The track is a raw hybrid of tightly clapping and snapping trap work, punchy horn blasts that are reminscent of the Art Ensemble of Chicago's frayed, funky blasts of the period with a wicked style, propulsive bass and scratchy guitar washes.

Despite huge efforts to this day, Arthur Monday has never been found. What was it that inspired him to create such an astounding beast of a record? Well now here is your chance to hear what all the fuss is about. As The World’s Most Expensive Funk 45, surely it deserves a listen.

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