Thursday, September 27, 2007


Tony Alvon and the Belairs, a Philadelphia funk group, have three records, the rarest of which is "Sexy Coffee Pot."Other records on Atlantic include "Philly Horse" (with "Don't Be a Drag (Giddy Up)" on the flip side) and "Stone Soul Candidate" with "Catch a Fox" on the B side. The late producer Paul C McKasty sampled the drum break to construct the music for Eric B and Rakim's "Run for Cover". The record was also sampled by Cypress Hill, Scarface and DJ Shadow, among others. "Sexy Coffee Pot" was written by J.C. Hill and J. Stiles, is a Virtue-Stiles production, and was recorded at Virtue Studios in Pennsylvania. (The Eric B and Rakim break is about 1:33 in.)

Erik B & Rakim's "Run for Cover":

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