Monday, November 30, 2009


This moody downtempo tune shows the influence of Latin styles and Jamaican reggae in early 1970's Trinidadian music culture. The theme is said to be derived from Venzuela and was adapted by rapper 50 Cent for his massive smash "P.I.M.P.". Chief Mocambo engineer Steven "Def Stef" Tantrum did a wonderful job in restoring the old 8-track tape and mixing the track.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Guaranteed For A Soulful, Funky Christmas®!

(When adding to your iTunes, make sure you sort by Album Title for proper sequencing. The opening track should read "Intro.")


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ah, fall: the leaves are changing colors and falling lazily to the earth, the darkness of early evening nips at the heels of a blustery afternoon, the deep exhalations of our breath become visible in bleary, midmorning dazes.

Lovingly, as always, we are happy to share with you another mix of Radiophonic Oddities and Dusty Nuggets, deeply mined from the crates for your aural pleasure. As usual, the music is admittedly a veritable smorgasboard reflecting wildly eclectic records, to say the least.

So hit this here DOWNLOAD button, and hey....consider yourself informed. (And entertained.)

Big ups to DJ Clarence Duffy for assistance.


2-The Dreaming Mind (Part 2)/Quantic & His Combo Barbaro
3-Jive Samba/Llan Thelwell
4-Fistfight in the Master Bath/Big Pimp Jones
5-The Empire Strikes Back Kenner Collection
6-No Sugar Tonight/The Shirelles
7-Madalena/Tania Maria
8-An Elephant Called Slowly/Howard Blake
9-Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Hat
10-Late Train/Ken Aldin
11-Pass the Pipe/Alliance
12-Rhyme Writer/Pete Rock
13-Fitch Shampoo
14-Don't Take My Kindness for Weakness/Soul Children
15-Latin Illusion/Natural Yogurt Band
16-Let's Get On Down/The Black Aces of Soul & The Eyes of Ebony
17-Paint It Black/Gil Scott Heron
18-Truth Spoken Here/Dorothy Ashby
19-Make the Most of It/Starfire
20-Losing You/Courtial
21-Goodyear's Magnificent Research Laboratory
22-Strip Club/Dudley Moore
23-How Good is Good/Mickey & The Soul Generation
24-Cissy Strut (Outro)/Sacramento Senior High School

Running Time: 55:53