Friday, October 19, 2012


NOTE: Please click where it says "DOWNLOAD NOW" on the RIGHT SIDE of the screen (features an arrow pointing down.) It will download as a .zip file. Unzip, import into iTunes, sort by album. Track #1 should be "The Cave."


Moook said...

Hey !

I've followed your blog for quite a while, and seriously, keep it up. There are only a
few places on the internet where I can find some really rare music, and yours is a reference.

I dunno if you've heard of this website, playlistunes, but for the listening of cool stuff it's pretty fu**ing cool, I think you should have a look.

Here is the website: Rare Music

Jazzy Beats

Relaxing Playlist

Rare Hip Hop

Relaxing Hip Hop

Hip Hop meets Dubstep

Energetic Music


siys said...

Thanks so much for Halloween Vol. 1. This one, Volume 2, leads to a Xmas Vol 4 download. Hope you can fix to Halloween Vol. 2. Thank you very much. Cheers!

siys said...

Found the correct link on Google for Halloween Volume II: