Thursday, January 14, 2010


I don't know much about Russia's shadowy "Gunshot Orchestra," which, according to beat-digging lore, was a collective of Soviet rare groove musicians who recorded TV and film library music in 70's Moscow. Others have told me they were a hardworking Psych/Funk band originally from the Ukraine--in fact (if you believe the legends), the band was so hyped, they played a single, sold-out show (with a full orchestra, natch) at a club in London--and then never performed live again.

The producer/arranger--and the only one credited on this bizarre 12"--is Faddei Vladik Kozlov, a multi-instrumentalist and widely respected Russian producer who was responsible for some devastating library work that came out of the Iron Curtain. He was also the owner of SRG Studios, a recording studio and vinyl pressing plant on the outskirts of Moscow. (Kozlov's father, Grigory, was part of the Bolshevik Red Guard.)

I've never heard another track by the so-called "Gunshot Orchestra"--maybe I never need to. Sometimes one track is enough, and the legend IS the story.

The vinyl is undoubtedly bootlegged/private press. This particular track name is untitled, and features a bizarre mix of drum breaks, spacey synths, chaotic orchestral noise...and of course, gunshots.

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