Wednesday, July 29, 2009


(image courtesy Dan McPharlin)

Just in time to help you cool down a bit, as summer slowly winds its way inevitably down, is another volume in the continuously expanding universe that is the Radiophonic Oddities series. So clean out the wax in your ears, pour yourself a cold one, hell...invite the Boss and his wife over. Tell him how much you want that promotion. Tell him unless they make you partner, you walk.

We'll be back sooner than you know with another entry.

"Get ready to feel." -DJ Clarence Duffy

1-Intro (Hipsters)
2-Fingertips/Little Stevie Wonder
3-Modern Times/Midas Touch
4-Flintstones & Winstons
5-This Is My Country/Little Joe & the Latinaires
6-Black Beauty/Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm
7-Algo Mais/Os Mutantes
9-Take A Taxi/Etienne Cap
10-Hey Now Baby/Professor Longhair
11-I Got A Groove/JJ Callier
12-Beavis & Butt-Head/Gin and Juice
13-Cantinflas/Dom Salvador
14-Al's Tune/Kashmere Stage Band
15-Strung Out/Gordon Staples & the Motown Strings
16-Robin Harris Gives the Cops A Piece of His Mind.
17-Rhythm on Rhythm/The Sookie All Stars
18-The Horse/Marvin Holmes & The Uptights
19-Apache Talk/Luiz Bonfá
21-Up Above My Head/Al Green
22-Momma's Gravy (Yum Yum)/Calypso King & The Soul Investigators
23-Carry Me Back to Old Virginny/Ray Charles

Running Time: 54:41



Crazy said...

i just found youre blog today. and i finish to listen it in 2 hours. crazy stuff man. keep postin'. i am a bboy and i love youre break's. respect!

Anonymous said...

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