Tuesday, March 17, 2009


"Sometimes there are moments in history that are quite remarkable. Like the heroic revolt of Spartacus or the new view of the universe by Kopernikus or - in our days - the story of three kids that were captured in the mid 80`s by a musical style that was long gone, in fact, never really happened in their home town of Munich/Germany.

It was the explosive dynamics and the rough sounds of numerous late 60`s and early 70`s independent funk bands that sublimed their whole musical approach towards a even more defined stylistic expression. After early excursions through the universe of rare groove 45`s (collecting records and discerning the deeper contents of this music), they started to create their own small renaissance of this special style by founding their 7" label 'Hotpie & Candy Records' to release first creative moments (yeah!).

Using specific equipment and recording techniques they developed a trademark sound that laid a foundation for a unique output that goes far beyond your average "Soul Brother No.1" style funk. Growing local success led to the release of a now 'classic' debut album (Practice What You Preach, 1993) and supported their urban guerrilla tactics to react against cheesy and overproduced mainstream entertainment (especially the then successful 'Acid fake-Jazz' hype).

Following this LP, further 7" releases were issued on their own label (introducing different side-acts such as 'The Pan-Atlantics', 'Bus People Express', 'The Soul-Saints Orch.', 'Bo Baral´s Excursionists Of Enlightenment', 'The Woo Woo´s' plus many others). In the later 90´s they planned to record a second album before concentrating on other projects...

...What sets the Poets apart from other bands in this newly emerging modern funk movement is that they have an undeniably distinctive voice. Nowhere on Discern/Define will the listener find a cover version of a funk standard. The Poets have created new standards, transcending the current parameters which they are assumed to reside within. Their sound is fine tuned yet wildly eclectic, citing african rhythms, gritty rock riffs, psychedelic sounds and soulful melodies, all backed by that omnipresent funk backbeat...

...Their music has catapulted them into the next era, raising the bar for up and coming groups within the newly emerging modern funk movement, and the Poets of Rhythm are unanimously regarded by those same peers as the standard bearers. Why? One listen and you'll see why it ain't hard to tell."

Below, the track "Ham Gallery," with a super heavy drum break at the top.

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