Friday, October 10, 2008


Here's a track from the latest Bamboos LP called Side Stepper.

I've posted a Bamboos track before--some of you may well remember that they are Australia's premier deep funk act, masters of super-heavy, raw and upfront drum-break driven grooves. Led by Guitarist Lance Ferguson (Equatorial Records/Lanu/No Comply), other members include Ben Grayson (Hammond Organ), Danny Farrugia (Drums), Yuri Pavlinov (Bass), Anton Delecca (Sax/Flute) and Ross Irwin (Trumpet). They've released a string of great records, and their live shows have evolved into non-stop mixtape-style throwdowns that draw the links between Hip Hop, Funk, and old-school Breaks.

Below, "Funky Buttercup."

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